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1996-2018:  cixi zhencheng Factory for the biginging establish the factory, especialize in Drilling Screw, had learnded to worldwide  other manufactures, to improving the drawing and the quality,in two years,
we had establish a sales system to china customer,

2007-2018,XINGTAI ZHENCHENG MACHINERY eastablished, as the main domarket  XINGTAI city, north of china, in Heibei,province 

2006-2008:  DRILLMAN  OEM with  trading company , to produce standed screws to EU, USA, MIDEAST customer.

20014-now:We establist DRILLMAN Fastener system  had establish a trading company to export to foreign country

we try to slove the screws fasteners problems, you can find more quality we meets:

1. Why Corrosion is a Problem.

The problem lies not in any design or performance of the fastener, but their failure occurring as a result of a weakening over time due to the insidious effects of corrosion.

Corrosion is normally associated with non-precious metals such as steel, zinc and aluminium. These metals only exist as they are refined from ore. In the presence of air, water or salt, these metals will corrode rapidly. The presence of oxygen will cause oxides to form, which gives the metals a disfigured appearance and will eventually cause them to be unsafe or useless. Corrosion is the natural process of reverting the metal to the ores from which it came.

Corrosion of fasteners can be caused by salt laden air from the ocean, airborne acids from industry and chemical sprays, U.V from the sun or humidity in tropical and moist areas. Corrosion dramatically affects the performance of fasteners over their lifetime, and subsequently effecting the long term structural integrity of any construction. Exposure to corrosion can cause a weakening, cracks will form and grow where the fastener was carrying the load, and a failure will occur.

Protective coatings placed on fasteners follow the principles of “galvanic protection.” This occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact in a corrosive environment the more active metal will corrode in preference to the lesser active metal. If steel is coated with zinc, then the steel is protected until all the available zinc has corroded away.

There are many different ways this can be achieved to give various levels of protection.


Anyu Screw Supplier

This photo highlights under-roof corrosion of roofing fasteners.
The fasteners are in a dangerously advanced state of deterioration due to corrosion, and in one case have broken off completely the connection between the roofing profile and the metal batten.

The structure is approximately 12 years old and located in an area classified as mild to moderate marine, with strong prevailing winds.

Underroof Corrosion


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