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DRILLMAN Screws Supplier  exports to more than 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific.
The factory have Large produce ability, the machinery and qualitrol control.

*about produce:

All screws and fasteners shown in this section are for our international customers only and not available for sale in China, even some taiwan factory also coorpration with us.
Anyu Screw SupplierAnyu Screw SupplierAnyu Screw Supplier


If you are located outside of china  and require further information on fasteners suited to your requirements, please contact our International Export Department: sales@chinadrillman.com
*about packing 

the screw normal packing with bulk carton then with pallet , we can accord to customers demand to packing with small box or other plastic box.
Anyu Screw SupplierAnyu Screw SupplierAnyu Screw SupplierAnyu Screw Supplier


Address:RD410,Shiyuan,Yinzhou Zone,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province

Tel:86-574-56280356 Email:info@chinadrillman.com

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